Something's Wrong with Sunland

by I Am Astronaut

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"Something's Wrong with Sunland" written and recorded by I Am Astronaut in 2011 @ Left Hand Recording Studios in Sunland, CA.


released May 10, 2011

Michael Hovaguimian - Vocals/Guitar/Drums
Edie Bastikian - Guitars
Tim Kosasih - Bass



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I Am Astronaut Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: I Dare You
I Dare You (It’s Over)

Can we talk this out, can you see just
What you’re saying and how you’re living
Drawing up your plans, how to build them while
Your own life’s gone down the river
Cover your own head, it’s starting to rain inside
Your home and in your garden
Tell me how to live, your words are strong
But the way you play with all your own rules

I dare you, to look at yourself in the mirror

Found the cure for all, vaccinate your
Own mind and the ones right by you
Out to save the world, putting on your
Superman costume it’s over
Track Name: Without a Stall
Tried out this pen,
To write down all the thoughts I have
About the cause,
The reasons why the route was round
And not relate
How this makes for conversations
About the road, about the fall

I’m back to the start,
As it winds it turns you inside out
Right on square one,
I figured it out

It’s a new drawn plan,
I think I’ll make it up this time
Without a stall,
You will not stall
Track Name: Loner
Farewell my friends
I seem to have done it again
Running off with my mouth
Breaking you down for a laugh

I forgot your name
Your giving me attitude
It’s somewhere in my mind
I’ve gotta dig in real deep to find it now

You are all alone
Your friends abandoned you
You scared them away
I saw this coming long ago
Track Name: Dreaming Lately
Found a picture of your head
Thought that you had burned them all away
Holding onto memories
Something I had to learn alone

Lately I’ve been dreaming
Crazy things about you
Only, if you could see
What’s happened you might come back to me

Somber moments spent alone
Thought that it would go away
Picking up the phone to call you back
I can’t seem to try to be the man I thought I am
Track Name: Out of Words
You said you knew the song, you told me you’d sing along
And it would not compare, to any other song that I would
Sing for you, or even try to write cause I was
Out of words, to sing to you so I sang
La, la, la,

By the time you learn the chords, and pick up on the beat I will have
Lost the feel and love of the melody so won’t you
Sit and be a member of the audience and
listen to me as I sing this song I’m singing
La, la, la
Track Name: Do You Know
Do you know the way
Back inside my mind
Damned if I related
To the time you had
Gave yourself away
To begin your life
But she won’t give this up
For a place I know

Giving all the pieces of your mind
Hoping that I’ll understand your life
Straining out your voice to sing a song
Stretching out your heart to get along

Do you know the place
Back inside your heart
Tossing out the thought
That I’ve shared with you
I’ll make everything
Just the way you want
Sort of like the bird
That repeats your lines

Do you know the way
Back inside your heart
Do you want to know
Just who you are
Track Name: Something's Wrong with Sunland
Something’s wrong about this little town, it’s getting bigger
Growing up like a little child
Thinking back on how I grew up here with my brothers
They both packed and went away

Something’s wrong, feeling better, I was caught in nostalgia
Something’s wrong, feeling better, I went back to where I’m from

Till the soil down and fertilize, but the weeds grow bigger
The ground was cursed here from the start
Tearing down the walls inside my mind can be rigor
All the memories we built
Track Name: Cold War
Truth be told we got a lot to say
You’ve stood there and I’ve been listening to you
Something colder now since you’ve ignored the things you’ve said
So I’ll let go and let your suffering begin

Can we somehow melt this
Fighting out some wars out there
Driving around in a make shift plow
Just to find out how

Stood outside and saw a picture in the sky
You rushed out to draw what I could see above
As far as I could see you still would break yourself
You still ignore all things you’ve said
Track Name: Drive
Stare down all your hopes, and think smaller than what you can do
Drive me, to your moon, which lays lower than all the stars
Strum me a chord, and sing me your blues the way
You feel all about the hopes that you’re having for now

I found all the cards you were dealing inside your mind
Played out all the steps that you took to break it down
Hold on to your staff cause you’re spinning around again
You stare down all your hopes, thinking smaller than

Driving nowhere
You’ve crashed the bus
No survivors
You’re the cause